Right now I am…

Hi Friends! It’s been a while since I’ve actually written about myself (and, like, at all), so here’s my current state.


  • Trying to find a packing strategy for my trip to Iceland in less than a month?! I’m seriously determined to only take one backpack and nothing else, but there hasn’t been a single trip I’ve made in my life for which I haven’t over packed. If anybody has any ideas (what do you absolutely need? What did you didn’t use at all?), I’m kind of desperate. Also, I know everybody is all, “why Iceland,” so don’t worry, I’m prepping that post as you’re reading this one 😉


  • Researching external hard drives. You guys. I’m pretty convinced that my computer is taking its last breath as we speak. I have so many photos on there that I seriously can’t lose! I’m going to buy a new computer sometime  in the next couple of months and plan to switch to a Mac Book (from a Dell), so I need one ideally that’s compatible with both operating systems. Once again, very open to recommendations. And, while we’re at it, let me know your PC -> Mac transition stories.


  • Planning out my entire June calendar. Holy cow. I always forget how busy summer is. In June alone, I’m going to Iceland for a week and a half (6/16-6/26), I’ve got a weekend cabin trip, horse races, and, of course, countless birthdays. On top of that, I’m still working on building my photography portfolio– I’ve been volunteering for a local music publication, Ballard VOX, shooting one to two shows per week for them. All of my work can be found on the website (linked), and if you’re in the Seattle area and love live music, we publish an events calendar weekly so you can scope out all of the acts in the area. Other than VOX, I’ve been easing into more portraiture and photographing a lot of college seniors these past few months, including my first paid session for which someone reached out to me instead of the other way around. What! Life is wild. I also did a few projects with a local musician, Danny Denial. I met him last November when I shot his band at a small local theater, but since then, he’s produced a music video/mini film to go with one of his songs which I had the opportunity to do production stills for. The stills were actually featured in New Noise magazine when they ran this story on Danny. Pretty exciting stuff. I was stoked when he also asked me to cover his album release at The Crocodile downtown:


I’ve been doing some volunteer work for University of Washington sports as well ANNNNDDD, the big one, I had the opportunity to photograph Chris Shiflett last month. I know I just got so sidetracked but my point here is that I have to plan everything in advance so I know when I have time to go shoot shows. If we’re being honest, sometimes I plan naps in advance, which is the real reason I plan my days out so far in advance…#priorities.


  • Planning an epic festival alternative since…well…you know.Yes, I am one of the unlucky 18,000 people on this planet who ordered a Pemberton ticket before its unexpected demise. I’m leaning toward Austin City Limits Festival in Texas, but who knows what’ll happen. I really want to visit Texas and the lineup is great but Bumbershoot is so convenient, it’s also a contender. ACL is my definite top choice but now I’m reading that they aren’t selling as many tickets as in previous years, which is what happened with Pemberton, so… basically Pemby has scarred me.


  • Mentally packing for Disneyland/San Diego. That’s right, friends. Memorial Day weekend in California is happenin’. Also, I booked a 6 PM flight and then remembered that I’m off early that day. Any tips for sweet talking the gate agent into letting me hop on the 3 PM flight…?
  • Trying to revamp my websiteYou guys. I have precisely 0 web design knowledge. Based on this, I chose Square Space as my host because it’s (supposedly) soooo easy to customize. I’ve figured out the absolute basics but holy cow my site is nothing like I want it to be. I put up a Craig’s List ad a few months ago hoping to find someone to help me give it a makeover, but I was working for free at the time and all of the web designers wanted $ome $erious ca$h. I’m not working for free anymore, but now that I know I can make improvements on my own, I’m seriously set on figuring it all out by myself.


  • Looking through all of the photos that were taken last weekend. Last weekend, I took a Greyhound bus (never again) up to Vancouver, BC and stayed in the city with some friends. On Saturday, we hopped aboard the Emerald Princess cruise ship and sailed back home to Seattle. It was a quick weekend trip but we somehow fit so much (alcohol) in–from poutine and Coronaritas to formal wear and giraffe onesies. Vague, I know, but I’ll just let your mind wander.



  • Trying to find a good hotel on the Las Vegas Strip to smoosh 7 people into. Another trip–Vegas for my birthday in August! I’m currently in the middle of comparing all of the hotels and photos of the rooms to see which one has the most bed/couch/floor space. HELP.


  • About to go to the gym. See my planned Vegas trip, above. #ShedForTheStrip

That’s all for now. Seriously though, anyone who’s had any luck switching to an earlier flight with Delta…holla @ me.


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