Photo Challenge: Week 1

So last month, I put together a photo challenge for myself in an effort to branch out and photograph some new subjects (here in case you missed it). And then I got the plague and have been in bed ever since. Yep, I’m ringing in 2017 with a wonderful case of strep throat. The only photographing I’ve done has been a required shoot that I’ve committed to with the music publication I started working with. So, without further ado, here are this week’s photos from my shoot at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard.


It was a totally packed show and I had absolutely no room to move around the stage so I was actually really disappointed with how these turned out– there’s always something obstructing the musicians’ faces/bodies, the angles were weird, etc. It definitely didn’t help that I compared my photos to other photographers’ pictures at this venue and wow they were all so amazing! I ended up getting really positive feedback on my composition skills from my boss (who knew firsthand how packed it was). My fam and boyfriend had good things to say too, so that was encouraging.

I was actually supposed to do another shoot at the Tractor tonight–I’ve been sick for about a week but I really thought it was just a cold until yesterday–and have kind of been dreading going out in public all day. About two hours ago, I got a notification that the show was cancelled because the band got stuck in the Portland snow storm. You guys. I have a guardian angel.

Up next: I’m going to San Francisco this weekend so I’ll be uploading photos from my trip next week, and I have another music shoot at Conor Byrne on the 21st. I’ll also actually start participating in my own photo challenge next week 😉


One thought on “Photo Challenge: Week 1

  1. Cool pics! I feel like I’m there. My husband and I just had a layover in San Francisco and I was bummed we didn’t have enough time to get out and explore! Enjoy your trip. Will be looking forward to see some of you photos!

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