16 Things I Learned in ’16

  1. Not everyone in life is your competition. You can be happy for other people’s success even if you’re not progressing as fast as you want–and even when other peoples’ successes are in something you have no interest in.
    • …and realizing this is the biggest relief of your life. Ever.
  2. Life is easier when you let go of people who bring nothing but stress into your life.
    • …But some people are worth a little stress.
  3. Hobbies are necessary.
  4. Everyone should travel alone.
  5. Everyone should have a roommate at one point in time.
  6. Everyone should then live alone at one point in time.
  7. Indian food is really good but Thai food is still better.
  8. You don’t have to have everything figured out before you take a step forward
  9. If you are going to go somewhere, be present in your time there. Whether this means getting enough sleep in order to engage with the people you’ll be around (I cannot engage with people in a social setting on any less than 7 hours of sleep), or staying off your phone around them (please. seriously).
  10. Being thankful is the best way to feel better.
  11. Running sucks and shin splints are actually kind of serious.
  12. Compassion, when only shown to those just like us, is not compassion,  but self-interest.
  13. Persistence always pays off.
  14. Life is easier and more enjoyable if you can genuinely apologize–even if you don’t think you’re wrong.
  15. The electoral college seriously sucks.
  16. Learning to function and be content when you’re alone is so amazingly necessary.




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