Links of the Week: December Week 2

I totally spaced the last 2 weeks so I tried to make these ones extra great. Here are your Links of the Week for the second week of December! I’ve been looking at travelling a lot more so a lot of these are kind of centered around that.

Here are the best dupes of all the cult-favorite beauty products.

The top Ten Things that you should not do as a dinner guest.

8 movies to watch if you haven’t gotten over the election.

What I Googled: “Places to go when you’re cold and poor.” What I got: Outrageously Affordable Destinations For This Winter.

The best gift ideas based on zodiac signs.

And because I’ve been making list of places to go and when to visit, here are the best places within the US to visit solo, here are the best ones internationally, and here are the best ones for women.

The 7 ways you’re totally sabatoging yourself at work.

And look at THIS super cool website that chooses your destination for you! Just put in your budget, the dates that you want to be gone, and general area you want to go (if you have one. Otherwise, just leave it blank), and then it gives you all of your options. They even suggest specific flights and hotels, which you can book immediately through them.



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