2017 Weekly Photo Challenge

Can you even believe how quickly 2016 is coming to an end? We are HALF WAY THROUGH DECEMBER I’ve been looking into a photo challenge to do in 2017 and I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to do a weekly challenge or a daily one. I’m very good at believing that I can do waaaayyyy more than I can comfortably commit myself to, so I decided to take a step back, not overwhelm myself, and take up a weekly photography challenge. I found some great ones but all of them included a handful of themes that I was less than excited for, so I decided to prepare my own tentative “schedule.” I’m going to do all of the themes listed below, just possibly not in the order indicated below (except the ones that are bolded. Those, for one reason or another, are all going to be done during the weeks indicated below). Do you see any really fun ones that I’m missing? Even with this, there are a couple of themes that I’m not totally stoked on, so if anyone has more ideas, I’d love some backups to potentially swap out the boring ideas 🙂

I’ll be doing self portraits 1/1/16-1/7/16 and Winter-y shots 1/8/16-1/14/16. I’ll post my pictures at the beginning of the new week and I’ll also include what my theme for the following week will be. Please please feel free to copy my schedule and follow along with me! Challenges are always more fun/easier when you have a friend to motivate you. So, here’s my 2017 Photo Challenge:

  1. Self Portrait
  2. Winter
  3. Water drops
  4. Intentional photo mistakes
  5. Reflections
  6. Signs
  7. Love
  8. Indoor splash
  9. Food
  10. Long exposure
  11. Spring
  12. Dancing
  13. City love
  14. Disney
  15. Car trails
  16. Street
  17. Nature
  18. Colors (pick one)
  19. Water
  20. Hate
  21. Lines
  22. Fill the frame
  23. Drinks
  24. Night
  25. Light painting
  26. Summer
  27. Still-life bokeh
  28. Optical illusions
  29. Water-long exposed
  30. Portraits
  31. Alternative car trails
  32. Landscape
  33. Faceless portraits
  34. Black and white
  35. Texture
  36. Shoot from up high
  37. Trees
  38. Old and young
  39. Sunset
  40. Sunrise
  41. Silhouettes
  42. Fall
  43. Nature Portraits
  44. Ground-level perspective
  45. Doors
  46. Birds
  47. Environmental portraits
  48. Barriers
  49. Freeze motion
  50. Shooting upwards
  51. Flowers
  52. Holiday festivities

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