Top 10 Tuesday: Top 2017 Planners Under $35

I am planner obsessed so this is one of my favorite times of year: planner shopping time! Here are my top 10 favorite planners for 2017.

  1. Busy Bitch Planner, $32. Self explanatory.
  2. “I Am Very Busy,” Planner, $32. Also self explanatory.
  3. Mi Goals Goal Diary, $29.95. I love that this one gives you room to write your weekly goals!
  4. Plum Paper ME Planner, $32. You can completely personalize this planner! Select your cover print (they have reindeer!) and add some text, or even a photo, to the front.
  5. Paper Source Black Floral Planner, $20.21. Even if you hate this (super cute) planner, Paper Source has a crazy selection of planners from a ton of different brands and designers.
  6. Ferme A Papier Green Palms Year-Less Planner, $27.50. Great for someone who isn’t starting their new planner with the new year. Start in March 2017 and save January and February for 2018.
  7. The MochiThings Large Rainbow Scheduler, $32.95, is great for someone who prefers solid colors over cute prints. It also snaps closed.
  8. Kate Spade XL Black Stripe Agenda, $30 (on sale!). This one is great because it starts in August 2016, so if you buy it today you can start using it right away.
  9. Rifle Paper Co. JARDIN DE PARIS Planner, $23.80. This one also starts in August and it has a little pocket inside!
  10. kikki.K 2017 SMALL WEEKLY DIARY PINK: CUTE, $29.95. With the splotchy neon spots, this one is the most cutesy of the list, but it’s also totally functional with dedicated pages for addresses, websites, books, and more!

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Top 2017 Planners Under $35

  1. Thx for doing the research! I’m pretty sure I got the planner I have now from Target & it’s pretty plain and basic. I like to add a motivating quote at the top of each page though to spice it up a little :))


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