Links of the Week

First I want to say I’m so sorry with how inconsistent I’ve been! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and my availability to write has been close to zero. But I’m back! So here are my picks for Links of the Week (I’m ending my week early because I fully intend on being too full of stuffing to move on Friday).

9 shows to watch while you wait for Game of Thrones to come back on.

America’s best eateries, according to Yelp.

The 7 best lessons a mentor can teach you–number 6 is my favorite.

9 foods guaranteed to give you better skin by next week.

How to eat your way through Paris in 24 hours.

Secrets that only restaurant servers know–the fourth one is so smart!

The 2016 National College Football Bowl predictions! Gooooo Huskies!

How to make 15 Spare Minutes Count.

This amazing Wellness Guide for people in their 20s.

Annnnd 5 simple ways to prep your skin for the holidays.

That’s all for this week! Go eat lots of turkey and be thankful (that God invented football).


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