November Goal Setting

All things considered, October was a really successful month. Mostly because I learned a lot about what is and is not a realistic goal. More on that tomorrow 😉 For now, here are November’s goals.

Run 20 miles. I almost broke my legs when I set a goal of 50 miles (only a little dramatic), so I’m dialing it back to a more reasonable number this month.

Read 2 books. Again, with how busy I am, I’ve had to really reconsider where I want to invest my time. I do love reading, but at this point, I need to invest more time in getting my website up and running (read: scheduling more photo shoots) and less on things like this.

5 photo shoots. Here we go! More photo shoots = better website = more business = developing an actual career. This is going to be my main focus this month.

Etsy shop up. I’ve been crafting a lot but I don’t have room to do anything with my crafts. This doesn’t stop me from crafting SO I’m going to put my goods up for sale on Etsy.

Download and begin to understand how to use Lightroom. I just started to figure out Photoshop, and I know Lightroom will be necessary. I opened it last night though and have no idea what to do with it!

I focused in a lot more this month on my long term goals and how to get there, so my just-for-funsies goals got scaled back quite a bit. I’m actually really excited to meet all of these goals this month, I think I’ll have a much better time since they’re a lot more attainable and I have a better grasp on what I’m capable of. Stay tuned for my October Goal Check-in tomorrow!


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