Links of the Week: Halloween Edition

You guys! This weekend is my favorite weekend of the year: Halloweekend. I love any excuse to dress up, do my makeup, or eat candy, and this weekend offers me all of those things! In honor of the best weekend of 2016, here are this week’s best links.


Here are the best costume ideas for the beauty/product junkies.

On a related note, here is some Halloween-themed Instagram beauty inspiration.

And HERE are the best pop culture couple costumes.

We’ve got 5 work-appropriate Halloween costumes over here.

If you want a unique Halloween costume, stay away from these most popular ones, according to Google.


If you’re a normal human being who doesn’t like to torture yourself, here are some really cute, Willy Wonka-inspired candies that you can make.

If you’re like me and you love being miserable and have agreed to diet during Halloween time, here is a recipe for some tasty-sounding, not totally unhealthy-sounding chocolate treats.

What to do

There are approximately 70 event calendars for the Seattle area for Halloween activities. Here are the ones with the most ideas (they have so many different events, I couldn’t just choose one!):

The Stranger’s  list of haunted houses and ghost tours

Events 12 List of generic Halloween events

Event Bright’s List of events which require an RSVP (and, in some cases, a fee)

Seattle Pipeline List of generic Halloween events

The Stranger’s list of dog and kid-friendly events

Or you can stay home and watch one of the 14 best Halloween-themed TV episodes of all time, or one of the 11 movies mentioned here

If you do decide to go out, be sure to stay safe and follow these KIRO7 safety tips and rest assured that Seattle is on the national list of best places to trick or treat–so here are the best neighborhoods to get your treats (or tricks) from.

There you have it! Way more links that normal to indicate how very excited I am for Halloween.


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