Links of the Week: October Week 3

I’m a huge slacker, so here are my favorite links from last week:

This amazing tutorial to remove gel nail polish.

Six things to know before you rent your first apartment.

These beautiful autumn wreaths. Though these are spendy, they’re amazing inspiration for a DIY wreath. Which was probably the exact opposite effect that this article was going for.

Everyone’s favorite candy by state— Washington totally does have one of my favorites listed.

These not-cheesy ghost tours (I always get really excited when Seattle makes national lists).

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Halloween–everything from last minute costumes to food.

Some great etiquette to follow as a house guest.

A list of amazing money-saving ULTA tips.

…Aaaand one for Sephora.

Finally, why you should replace your coffee intake with water.

And, again, because no blog post should be photo-less, here’s Tasha Pawsha celebrating her barkday this weekend, courtesy of the Seattle Barkery:




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