My Weekend in Photos


I was scheduled to work until 3:45 on Friday, but ended up staying until after 4:00 because 1) the power went out for over an hour that day so I had a few things to catch up on and 2) I was volunteering at Seattle Fashion Week at 7:00. SFW was at Union Station, which is about a 15 minute drive from work, so I had some time to kill, which I was actually really excited for. I had planned to take some pictures from the waterfront of the stormy sky and whatnot during my time between work and SFW. Well, when I got off work, it was sunny!!! I was so mad. The sky didn’t start getting angry until my drive over, around 6:30:


So, instead, when I was off work, I walked up to Starbucks and read for a couple of hours before I headed out to Fashion Week! I was super pumped. I signed up to be a production assistant, so I was really excited to help produce the show and get some awesome photos. When I got there, it ended up being super crazy and slightly disorganized, so I got stuck at the bar serving wine! Totally not what I signed up for, but it ended up being a lot of fun. I met some awesome designers and the venue was seriously beautiful (which I was not expecting, given that I thought I was walking into a normal bus station).



Funny story about Saturday. I was supposed to have a family shoot with the cutest family of 5. But, thanks to the storm of the century, my first ever family shoot was cancelled. I was so bummed! Ok but that’s not the funny part.

I decided recently that I’d pick up a seasonal weekend job this holiday season, just to pay my student loans down as much as possible before I move out again. Saturday, I had an interview for a stock position at JCPenney. It sounded perfect: I’d get up at 5 AM and be off work by 1 PM, with nearly the whole day left to do things. When I got there, I found out stock was only processed on week days (I need a weekend job, given that I have a normal weekday job) and I was instead offered a job at the Sephora inside JCPenney. I spent 3 years working at Sephora, so this probably shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did–I can’t get away from the place! So, that’s where I’ll be for November and December weekends: Alderwood JCPenney Sephora.

I spent the rest of Saturday taking pictures at Edmonds Beach, reading, and editing photos:




Sunday was my favorite day of the weekend because I had my first portrait session with an actual human being!!! Here are a few of Anna’s pictures from our UW session:


The rest of Sunday was spent watching the Seahawks game and editing photos. I finally downloaded Photoshop, and holy cow it’s overwhelming. I think I spent around 6 hours just editing this handful of photos.

That’s all for this weekend! Once again, my original plans got rained out (but not all of them, since Anna is a trooper). Luckily, next weekend’s plans aren’t pending weather. So, of course, next weekend isn’t supposed to rain 🙂


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