Links of the Week

Here are 10 articles that I found especially inspirational this week:

This recipe for the  Rosé  gummy bears that have a 12,000 person waitlist.

This brilliant take on the fact that your use of, “uh,” and, “like,” do. not. point to anything negative about your character or brainpower.

As someone who has literally been called stupid for my use of, “like,” this was the most positive, encouraging thing I could ever read in my life. Also, I had never considered this point: “…uh is a signal of short upcoming delay and um is a signal of a long upcoming delay…” in my life but it makes so much sense. Second, “If anyone gives you flak for too many ‘likes,’ you can point to research holding them up as a sign of thoughtfulness.” Enough said.

This article which says what we all needed to know: salad is the devil. Yaaaaaaaaaaaas. Cheeseburgers 4 life.

This week sucked, but here are some good things that also happened.

There’s a huge storm coming this weekend, so be plan accordingly.

What to watch on Netflix

What to do: Rain + Family Edition

What to do this Weekend

You are welcome.

Amazon just introduced THIS reading service (similar to Prime TV but for BOOKS!!!!)

HERE is how to be one step ahead of cold and flu season.

And, finally, this very obvious explanation to the age-old question,  “WHY CAN’T ANYONE AROUND HERE DRIVE IN THE RAIN?!”

I feel so weird not including a photo in this post. So here’s a horrible iPhone photo of my view from work on this stormy day:


I received those sad balloons as recognition for my excellent, legendary, unmatched teamwork. They’re really sad looking, but they’re a reminder of the cruise which I won and get to leave for in 48 days!




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