My Weekend in Photos

The thing about having 3 day weekends every other week is that my 3 day weekends start to feel like normal weekends, and my 2 day weekends start to feel like short weekends. These past three days flew by! In addition, almost none of the plans I had made ended up working out, either due to weather or car troubles. This weekend was supposed to include a zoo trip, a drive over to Leavenworth for Oktoberfest, a hike, and night of bar hopping. Instead, here’s what happened:


Stop #1: Oil change. It took about an hour so I read some of my book in the waiting room:


I’m working on a Halloween care package for Max and my favorite part of putting together any package is decorating it. So, I went to Hobby Lobby for five sheets of scrapbook paper. However, since they have their stupid (amazing) Holiday section up already and I just booked a family photo shoot for which the mom said that she hopes to get a shot for their Christmas card, I decided to stroll through the Christmas aisles to see if any of their props would work with my backdrops. Spoiler alert: I think all 7 aisles worked with my backdrop. Here’s a small little taste of their holiday aisles:

Hobby Lobby 1.jpghobby-lobby-2

So, I went in for 5 items and left with 27 (not exaggerating. at all. Some are pictured below cuz my dog is a model). Honestly, does anyone stick to their lists at Hobby Lobby? And Target, for that matter?

After I spent my entire week’s budget on sparkly Christmas trees, I had a movie date to Girl on the Train, which I’ve been eagerly awaiting the premier of since, like, ever. I would do a movie review on it, but my judgement is clouded since I loved the book so much.

That evening, I spent a couple of hours trying to make my dogs sit still so that I could effectively test out my backdrop and new Christmas props 🙂




Saturday was the day that I was supposed to go to Leavenworth with a friend for Oktoberfest. However, due to car problems, we ended up not going. Instead, I spent the day with my parents.

First, I went to Barnes and Noble–I have a friend in the hospital who is bored to death, so we got some books to bring over.


After the B&N trip/hospital visit, we went to Woodinville to pick up my parents’ wine club wine. We did a short tasting at Patterson  Cellars and they gave us ginger-pear gelato. Holy yum. I brought my camera to take some pictures in the area, but it was pouring so we ended up just heading out for lunch.



The next stop was Purple in Woodinville for lunch:




After lunch, it was still raining but I figured since I had gone through the trouble of getting my camera and everything together, I should take a few pictures. Here are just a few quick pictures of the area the restaurant was in:img_0442img_0443img_0444img_0445

That night, I was supposed to go out with a friend Downtown, however we ubered allllll the way down to Seattle before I realized I didn’t have my wallet on me. No wallet means no ID and no ID means no bar… Since we were already there, we grabbed a late night snack at Damn the Weather (cheese plate, mmmm) and then headed home.


Sunday was the type of day that inspired me to start this blog because I did not do anything. I seriously considered going on a hike, but since the weather indicated rain, I decided not to.

Instead, I took a nap, ate a lot, went to the gym, watched the Presidential Debate, and…celebrated my dog’s 9th Barkday, complete with a cake from the Seattle Barkery:


There was also a pretty sweet sunset that night:


Sidenote: I’m going to Chicago in December on a just-for-fun, solo vacation. Does anyone have any must see/do things?


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