September in Review

Holy cow September flew by! Which is probably why I got next to nothing done. Ok here we go.

What I read in September

You’ll recall that my September goal was to read two books. Well, I made it half way.


Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight

Amelia Baron is a 15 year old, straight-A student athlete who loves reading and excels more in English that she does any other school topic–So when her mom, Kate, receives a call from the school that Amelia needs to be picked up due to her being suspended for plagiarism effective immediately, Kate is confused, to say the least. Matters go from bad to worse when, before Kate can make it to Amelia’s school, Amelia kills herself by jumping from the roof. Kate, a single mother whose 12-14 hour workdays have become the norm, is overwhelmed with guilt. A month after Amelia’s death, Kate receives a text that changes everything:

“Amelia didn’t jump.”

Kate immediately realizes that it could be true. Amelia would never do anything to get suspended, especially not plagiarize an English paper. The police already ruled Amelia’s death a suicide, but could they have overlooked something that points to a different cause of death? An accident? Murder?

Ugh. I loved everything about this book except the ending! I still recommend it 100% because I could not put it down, but I was expecting a way different(better?) ending. The characters are likable and I found it really easy to sympathize with them. Consistent developments throughout the book made it a pretty fast, easy read. This is probably the only book that has ever kept me up until 3 AM without me falling asleep a few times throughout.


September Goal Check-in

Read two books. 

Only read one. Boo.

Run 20 miles. 

Ummm yeah, no. I didn’t run outside at all. I’m blaming this on my illness.

Leave work by 5:00 every day.

Check! I did indeed clock out between 4:45-5:00 everyday.

Blog weekly. 

Another success! Though I do need some new, original posts, I did manage to post something weekly.

Morning routine. 

So, “morning routine,” for me means at least putting on makeup and fixing my hair. It can also include showering, but not always. I totally failed at this.I’m a lot better at this on weeks when I’ve worked out, because it gives me so much energy that I don’t have to snooze my alarm for 45 minutes. Unfortunately, this was not one of those times.


Again, no. I spent most of my free time in bed thinking about how much my throat/head/stomach hurt, so this will go onto October’s list.

Oil change. 

So close! The day that I posted my September goals, I called to make an oil change appointment. Unfortunately, the first one that was available and fit with my work schedule is 10/7. So this will also be accomplished in October.

Bullet journal.

Yes! Pictures on yesterday’s post for proof 🙂

October will be a better month! Check in tomorrow for October’s goals 🙂


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