October Goal Setting

Run 50 miles: Last month I said how discouraging and annoying it is to run other places than a track. Well, since I’m working full time, taking an evening class at the local college, attempting to take a lot of pictures, and trying to maintain a social life, I decided I’m going to make an attempt to get past my hatred of running outside and start running on my lunch breaks. I get 45 minutes for lunch and I work right by the Puget sound waterfront, so there are so many trails and paths around. This will make my goal super achievable and I’m actually really excited to see more of the Queen Anne area.



Read 4 books: Originally I was going to make this 6 books but, since I only read at the gym and I’m going to run so much and have that evening class, l’ll probably only make it to the gym 3-4 times per week. This equals one book a week which still seems like kind of a lot with everything factored in but whatevs.

Photography Instagram up and running: I decided it’d be best to have a separate Instagram exclusively for my actual camera photos instead of just posting them from my personal one. By the end of the month, this will be all setup with enough pictures posted to convince people that I’m a real person who’s totally professional and doesn’t shotgun beer and wear bikini bod shirts and drunkenly ride mechanical bulls. #adulting

Business cards ordered: Pretty self explanatory, but I feel like a lot of time I hear people talk passively about, “oh I want to get photos done before___.” Having business cards will allow me to be like “Ok then call me,” without having to awkwardly exchange information and spell my name 6 times out loud.

Website up and running: I’m super excited for this! Not only do I looooove photography websites and design in general, but since I’ll have business cards, I’ll need a place to direct people to view my photos. That place will be operational by the end of the month.

Schedule 3 photo shoots: Last but probably most importantly, I’ll need to schedule some shoots with people so that I have work to display.

Unpack: Carried over from last month because I suck and spent all of my spare time in bed.

Oil change: Carried over from last month because my dealership sucks and didn’t have and September availability.



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