My Weekend in Photos


Friday I worked until about 4:00 and had a 6:00 meeting with a photographer who I met on Twitter (I know it sounds sketchy… remember that episode of Degrassi where Emma meets her online boyfriend in person and finds out he’s been hacking her email trying to find ways to relate to her? That’s totally what I thought about the whole way to Pike Place). Since I had a solid 2 hours to kill, I went to the Starbucks by work and finished my book (more on that tomorrow).

An hour later, I made my way over to Pike Place to meet my new photographer friend. We went around the area taking pictures of various things and I learned how to shoot in manual mode! Here are a couple of the pictures I got. I’ll update this with more tonight.



By the time we were done, it was close to 9:00 and I was exhausted, but so excited for the cool new camera tricks I had learned.


I woke up on Saturday with the worst, stabbing pain in my side. I decided to go to the doctor (usually I put off doctor’s visits as long as possible, but WebMD convinced me I had appendicitis so…) and was told that I just have “muscle problems,” because I was coughing so much the past two weeks. Funny because it feels like my internal organs are wrapping around each other and squeezing but I guess she knows slightly more than I do.

I ended up spending just about the whole day with my family on Saturday. We went down to Seattle to check out the Elysian Great Pumpkin Weigh-off (and to drink pumpkin beer). The winning pumpkin was over 1,700 pounds!

Elysian Pumpkin.jpgelysian-cows

Elysian Pumpkins.jpgElysian.jpg

We got there toward the end of the event, so we decided to go to the Halloween store in Northgate since we were already (sort of) in the area.


And then we ate sushi.



I was supposed to go on a field trip on Sunday with my Photo class to North Cascades National Park, but my stomach hurt so bad when I woke up , I decided to stay home. Instead, I ended up playing catch up on everything I should have done this weekend. I went grocery shopping, napped, and did my photography homework. Pretty boring, but I also got my bullet journal together:


It’s not pretty, but it’ll motivate me to not stay in bed until 11:00 on Sunday, so it’ll do.

That’s all! Tomorrow I’ll post October’s goals, which I will actually meet.


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