September Goal Setting

I had every intention of doing this post last week but I got super sick and slept all day long Monday-Friday, so here we are. There are 11 days left in September, and here’s what I plan to do with them:

goal-setting-septGoal Setting Sept2.JPG

Leaving time.JPGLone Wolf.JPG

Read two books. This is a 2 for 1 deal because I basically only read at the gym when I do the bike. So, I’m reading and fitting some cardio in.

Run 20 miles. Specifically, run 20 miles on a track at the school by my house. I prefer running on a track because I know exactly how far I’ve gone. I kind of despise running, so having a clear end in sight is what keeps me going. If I tell myself I’m going to run 2 miles around my neighborhood and have to keep checking how far I’ve gone, I will definitely get discouraged and give up. The goal here is to make me hate running less so that I can happily go on a run around the neighborhood/city.

Leave work by 5:00 every day. I used to work until, like 7:00 every night and be fine. Then I got so burnt out, I started going home on time (4:45 PM) and wow what a difference it makes to have time to yourself at home. It sounds dumb that it took me so long to figure it out, but having time to just chill and watch TV or go to the gym or whatever is necessary in maintaining sanity.

Blog weekly. Self explanatory. I’ve said before, I started blogging to get myself out of my comfort zone, so consistency will ensure that happens.

Morning routine. Mornings are super rough for me but I found that when I actually give myself time to shower, put on makeup, look like a decent human, etc., the morning (and the rest of my day) is a lot better…even though this means waking up earlier…

Unpack! I just moved from my apartment back into my parents’ house and wow I am a mess. This month, I’m going to unpack, sort through what I’ll need these next couple of months, and then repack what I won’t need until I move out again.

Oil change. Because honestly, if I don’t make this a goal, I will never get it done. Checking things off of lists is a hobby.

Bullet journal. Again, because checking things off of lists is a hobby of mine. I’m a day planner freak and when I heard about bullet journals, I became so obsessed.For those who don’t know, bullet journals are a way to design your own day planner. You basically buy a blank notebook and write out whatever you need to organize your days. For some, it’s a simple(ish) calendar:


Color coding optional:


And for others, it’s a way of keeping track of goals, nutrition, fitness, and progress:



If you’ve ever seen my handwriting/attempts at drawing, you already know that none of the above are mine. The bottom two are from Kim Job at Sublime Reflection. She is a bullet journal inspiration.

Bullet journals take a lot of time to perfect, so my goal is to have my October BuJo ready by the end of the month. This goal will be made possible by the #bujo and #bulletjournal hashtags on Instagram, which are a serious wealth of inspiration.

Potential Roadblocks?

The only thing that I could see getting in my way of these goals is the fact that I’m still pretty sick, and even that will really only impact my running goal. I also start class tonight, which will take up 4 hours of my week until the beginning of December, but I don’t see that making a big negative impact.

That’s all I’ve got! I’ll talk to ya’ll in 12 days to go over my successes and (lack of) areas that need improvement.



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