My Weekend in Photos


Friday I left work early to go hang out with Max in California for the last time this year and the only picture I have from the whole day is this:


Max and I were texting before I got on the plane and he told me I was going to try on his flak. When I asked why, he replied, “because you need pictures for your blog.” Wow, best boyfriend 2k16.

I didn’t take any more pictures that night because I got in pretty late, so by the time I landed in San Diego, picked him up in Oceanside, and got to the hotel in Anaheim, it was already after 10. We knew we had a long day ahead of us, so we ate dinner (McDonalds) in bed and went to sleep.


Saturday AKA the day I spent 16 hours at Disneyland! I love Halloween and I love Disneyland so obviously I planned to come to Disney when it was all done up with pumpkins and the characters were in costume.

Stop #1: Space Mountain because 1) it’s Space Mountain, 2) it’s currently SPACE MOUNTAIN GHOST GALAXY!!!! and 3) it was 8 AM and there was no line, a circumstance which must be taken advantage of.

Stop #2: Brunch, complete with ~5 (may or may not have lost track) mimosas each. PSA: Tortilla Joe’s has $12 bottomless mimosas and really good brunch.wknd-in-pics-bfast-dessert


Honestly the rest is a blur, so here are the pictures:

wknd-in-pics-aliceWknd in Pics Pumpkin.jpgwknd-in-pics-entrancewknd-in-pics-grump


*Sidenote: we waited 1.5 hours for this fireworks show and it literally lasted 3 minutes.

fireworksWknd in Pics Splash mountain.jpg

*Ahem. Plz note new matching Nemo shirts. Not to be confused with our matching Captain America shirts. Ok, carry on.

Turns out, after spending 16 hours at Disneyland, your memories kind of become one very happy blob.


The day came when I had to return to Seattle.

This is the Matterhorn from our hotel balcony:


This was super cool to me because I had no idea we were staying so close to Disneyland. It was literally across the street!

And this is the plate of nachos I ate at the Sacramento airport on my layover:


Those are all the pictures I have from Sunday, it was a pretty short day which just consisted of lunch (we slept through breakfast–too many festivities on Saturday) and a movie before I had to head to the airport and fly back home.


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