My Weekend in Photos

Thursday:I’m counting Thursday as the weekend because I had Friday off again this week (third week in a row, unfortunately that ends this week).


Gasworks and chill. Gasworks is my favorite place in the state, especially at night. We ended up bringing bubble tea and Jimmy John’s and having late dinner here, so it was the perfect relaxing kickoff to what was about to be a crazy busy weekend.

Friday: I seriously didn’t take a single picture all day and I’m so sad about it! Friday consisted of pancakes, finishing Orange is the New Black followed by an all-day nap, dinner at Lunchbox Lab with my parents (mom came home after being in Arizona for two weeks), and a cabin trip (during which I tried and failed to take pictures of the sky. Womp womp).

Satuday: Another picture-less day. Ugh. Saturday was hangover recovery day (part one). We had another nap day, but this time I spent half of it unpacking (read: figuring out how to fit an apartment full of stuff into my teeny bedroom). Since Max left Sunday and won’t be back until next year, his fam threw a surprise birthday/Christmas party. After the festivities, it was off to Cowgirls for more birthday shenanigans. Tequila was drank, gingerbread houses were made, and mechanical bulls were ridden.

Sunday: I didn’t even know it was possible for weekends to fly by this quickly, but somehow Sunday snuck up on us and it was time for football! Max and I both woke up with throbbing headaches and an intense want to stay in bed for several more hours, but somehow we rallied and were out the door by 9:30. It was a great game and we still had time left afterwards before Max had to get to the airport, so we went to Flatstick for some mini golf.



Seriously this is the last weekend that I won’t be obsessively taking photos of everything I do because this was such a lame post! You know it’s bad when I have to resort to posting Snapchats. I’ll also be posting September goals by the end of the week (only two weeks late, not too shabby??).


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