What’s Worth the Hype: Sephora’s Best Skin/Hair Care Items

Skincare is super boring to me and is so personal that this will be super short. I could tell you what cleanser and moisturizer I use but honestly I have never found a cleanser that made my skin sparkle more than all the others, or a moisturizer that prevented my skin from flaking for an extended period of time. So, since skin care is so underwhelming, here are my absolute top favorite non-cosmetic items that Sephora has to offer.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Radiance Pads, $30


First Aid Beauty is an amazing brand because it’s so gentle that people with the most sensitive skin can use it and it’s super effective, so you’re going to see serious results even though it’s so gentle. These little exfoliating pads are amazing. I use them on days that I don’t have time to go through my whole skin care routing (which is like, every day) or on days that I’m especially flaky. Just rub one pad all over your face and your dead, flaky skin will be gone. It’s basically magic.


First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, $30



Another favorite from First Aid Beauty! This is a super intensive moisturizer and is amazing for winter skin. It’s a bit heavy to use as a daily moisturizer, but if you’re especially dry, it’ll improve the feel of your skin by ~600% (that’s Collene math, but whatever).




Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Exfoliating Treatment, $24 for .5 oz

This is for the days that you do have time to go through your skincare routine. This exfoliator is the most effective, gentle product I’ve used. It doesn’t make my skin feel tight after using and it’s gentle enough to use daily, but you won’t need to because it’s amazing.


Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Treatment $24             

This is the only spot treatment I use! It looks a little weird, but it’s the most effective product for acne spots in my experience. There are layers in this bottle and you just stick a cotton swab through all of the layers down to the bottom of the bottle and dab it on where you need it. I use it overnight and all of my spots are dramatically reduced by the next morning. I’ve recommended this to people with intense acne, who swear that nothing works for them, and they come back to rave about how amazing it is and how nothing else has ever helped them. Another miracle in a bottle.

Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo, $23 for full size


This dry shampoo is for people who get seriously oily hair because it is seriously the most absorbant dry shampoo I’ve ever used. It does spray on white but, once you shake it out, it’s completely invisible. It also has an amazing smell.


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