What I Read in August

Holy cow, August was crazy. I celebrated my birthday, moved out of my first apartment, the boyfriend came home for the first time since January, I started a new position at work, so I only read two books.Here they are:

Number One: Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica.

Pretty Baby.JPG

I kind of hated this book, so I don’t even know where to start.

Heidi Wood has always been a charitable person–her husband Chris refers to her as, “a bleeding heart.” She works at a nonprofit, takes in stray cats, gives money to homeless people, and all the like. When she sees a homeless girl and her baby on her way to work, she becomes obsessed. She can’t stop thinking about the girl and eventually takes her to dinner. Their dinner turns into a stay at Heidi’s house, much to the shock and terror of her husband and 12 year old daughter Zoe. The girl refuses to reveal anything about herself and, before long, Heidi realizes the amount of danger her family could be in.

It wasn’t a bad book but I hated the characters. Each of them were characters which the audience surely should have sympathized with, but I did not care at all. The last 100 pages were good but, other than that, the book was slow and the characters were obnoxious.

Number Two: No One Knows by JT Ellison

No one knows

I loved this book so much and will literally recommend it to everyone.

The book begins on the day that Aubrey Hamilton’s husband, Josh, is declared dead after having gone missing 5 years ago. His body was never found, but Aubrey knows he’s surely dead. The past 5 years have been rough for Aubrey—she was the prime suspect in her husband’s disappearance (and, judging by the blood in her home, his murder), was arrested, lost her job, and so much more. The state’s declaration of his death should bring Aubrey closure, but she just wants her husband back. These negative feelings begin to fade when Aubrey meets Chase, a writer from out of town. Chase seems familiar to Aubrey but no one else can figure out why.

If you like Gone Girl or Girl on the Train, you’ll like this. It is told from the characters’ point of view and each chapter is a different person’s take on the situation, often at a different point in time (this is an aspect of the book that draws a lot of negative reviews). The ending is insane. There’s one twist and then you think the book is coming to the end and then another huge twist slaps you in the face. I’m pretty hard to surprise when it comes to book endings, but I had no idea this one was coming.

That’s it for August! It was such a crazy busy month with me moving out of my apartment and everything else, I just couldn’t fit anymore in! September’s goal is 3 books, so I’ll talk to you all then.


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