21 Day Fix Begins in a Week

Disclaimer: (I feel the need to say this before anything else so that you don’t stop reading before you even start!) I’m not a Beach Body (is it even two words?) coach/affiliate/employee/literally anything. I’m just doing this to see if it makes a positive difference (better sleep, less anxiety, maybe a few lbs shed, a few newfound muscles?) and I could not care less if anyone signs up for the program because of my blog, as I would get nothing from it. But if you did, we should totally be workout/meal prep partners.

Alright, now that that’s out of the way, let’s dig in. This is more of a warning post than anything because, beginning on Sunday, 8/14, I will be eating the most boring food known to man for 3 weeks. That’s right, I’m doing the 21 day fix. Talk to me at your own risk, because I’ll be cranky.

Ok I’m mostly kidding. I already eat fairly well, this just means that my weekly trips to Buffalo Wild Wings are a thing of the past. As are the warm lunchtime cookies from the cafeteria at work. And Red Bull. Starbucks. Ok we need to move on now, I’m getting sad.

So, beginning next week, I will be following the 21 Day Fix program for people who weigh under 169 pounds: 1,200-1,499 calories per day. Here’s how you can find how many calories (and containers. I’ll get to that later) you are allotted on the program:


You measure out your food using color-coded containers (the number of containers you get is also listed above). Green container is for veggies, purple for fruit, red for protein, yellow for grains, blue for healthy fat, orange for dressing and seeds, and teaspoons for oil and nut butters. Here’s a list of the food you can put into each container (rated from best -> not as good (though I’m convinced there is some bias re: Shakeology being at the top of the protein list):


The containers vary in size. Fruit (purple) and veggie (green) containers are each 1 cup, protein (red) is 3/4 cups, starches/carbs (yellow) are 1/2 cup, healthy fat (blue) is 1/3 cup, and dressing/seeds (orange) are 2 tablespoons.

There is also a workout schedule and DVDs to follow for the 21 days. I’ve heard from a lot of people that on their first day they can’t make it through the workout without stopping, but by the 21st day, they can make it through the whole thing. This is exciting because I’m ridiculously out of shape, so there is hope.

So, here we are. Three days until I begin this…journey. Does anyone have favorite 21 Day Fix recipes? I have Fixate (21DF cookbook), but I’m still searching for more ideas. I’ll probably do a weekly post about my progress, meals, workouts, sleep quality, etc. and I would LOVE pointers, tips, a workout buddy, etc.



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